"She's crazy! She's vivacious! She's helped me create some of the best images I've ever made! If ever you get the chance to work with her, jump to it!"

Lincoln Muadib

"I must regard Tanya Tuckwell's skill as a hair & makeup artist very highly.
I've worked with Tanya on new models to the industry as well as with experienced models Tanya really helps with so much more than just the makeup.
Her experience has become vast, an asset to compliment my skills."

Bill Zunic, Photographer

"I first met and worked with Tanya in June 2004. Since then on approximately five times she has worked for me as a makeup artist on various assignments and has modelled for me on four different occasions. I have been totally impressed with the professionalism that she bestows upon the job at hand and the end results.
Her communication between parties has been excellent, her attendance unfaulted and her punctuality unquestionable. She has arrived on time on all occasions and to her credit, before times arranged, on all jobs.
Tanya gives 100 percent of herself either in her makeup work or when modelling and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone. I am happy to answer any enquiries relating to her work."

Ross MacLaren Photography

"I have done multiple shoots with Tanya both as a model and as make up artist. Tanya is punctual, reliable and works well with or without direction, using her own experience and personality to assist and add value on shoots. Her infectious bubbly attitude makes her a joy to work with on any shoot. I look forward to working with Tanya again and again."

Trevor Martin, Photographer

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya late last year as she was the MUA for a photoshoot I had with Trevor Martin. When I arrived Tanya made me feel extremely welcome and I explained to Tanya this was my first TFP photoshoot that i had done, Tanya explained to me the ins and outs of the shoot and assisted me with a heck of alot of Modeling advice which i found to be a huge help!
Tanya then started her AMAZING job with my make up very natural and real which was suited to the shoot. Tanya also put up with my watery eyes!! Cold mornings will do that to you! Not only did I find Tanya to be extreamly professional in her work, I found her to be very friendly and a great help with any questions or request that I had from Tanya.
I would not have any hesitation recommending Tanya for her talents in Make-Up artistry."

Nadine Shephard, Model

"I have enjoyed working with Tanya. She is well organised and professional with all of her work and always followed and always taken interest in all her work she does. I am still pleased with our results from our first shoot together. Tanya always made sure I was comfortable and felt like at home when we worked together. I would highly recommend Tanya as I am always keen to work with her again."

Simone "Ssim", Model

"I have worked with Tanya Tuckwell on several occasions since December 2004. We conducted two shoots with her as a model and also three shoots with her as the make up artist. In both roles Tanya has been highly professional, ensuring that she arrived at locations on time; ensuring that all minor details were thoroughly dealt with and contributing her positive and cheerful attitude to the occasion. I highly recommend Tanya in both roles and will work with her again well into the future."

Harald Walther, Photographer

"I was a model who Tanya did make up for in Sydney in January 2005. Tanya did 3 different looks for me as part of a photo shoot for photographer Greg Wright. I was more than pleased with the results Tanya brought to the shoot. I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone looking for a very skilled make up artist, who is also a very easy going person to work with."

Cathy Sies, Model

"I have worked with Tanya as a model, and found her to be an intelligent and reliable lady with plenty of experience in the industry. She is punctual, professional, and relaxed, needing little or no direction. She has my recommendation to anyone wanting a complete professional who gives 100% for their shoot."

Warren Brown, Photographer

"Tanya has done make up on three people I was shooting, I found her ability to interact with the models and get the job done was well above average, in a nutshell, I liked the way she worked & importantly, so did the models."

Greg Wright, Photographer

"She was extremely punctual, showing up well ahead of the agreed time. A delight to deal with both as a person and as a model. Highly recommended to any photographer seeking a reliable model or makeup artist in sydney."

Shailen Singh, Photographer

"I had the extreme pleasure to work with Tanya as a Make up Artist. Tanya was professional, helpful and fun. Her professionalism put me at ease . She was open with her ideas and also listened to mine. She used her own knowledge in the industry to mentor me with suggestions. Working with Tanya was not only a pleasure but also a learning experience. Nothing was too much trouble for her. I highly recommend both Tanya as a person and as the professional make up artist she is."

Ellen "AuzElle", Model

"Tanya was the first model I ever photographed and has remained my first choice for subsequent photo shoots. I found her to be friendly, professional, full of ideas, patient, bubbly and extremely competent. Her professional attitude towards modelling and dedication to making the shoot successful and enjoyable for all parties helped to turn my hobby into a total obsession. She has excellent taste in clothes and is also a very competent makeup artist. In addition she looks absolutely gorgeous in the final photos. I highly recommend to any photographers out there - if you are seeking perfection, Tanya is your girl."

Steve Whittle, Photographer

"I enjoyed working with Tanya and was extremely pleased with the make-up that she did on me. If the need for a make-up artist arises again i will be contacting her"

Linda Mizzi, Model

"Tanya is a terrific model, when we worked together she was punctual, very professional and worked hard to help me achieve the best possible photos. I highly recommend Tanya to all photographers who are seeking a top notch model."

Owen Watkin, Photographer